Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors 0f ICAN- 2013

Meeting of ICAN,  San Paulo, 26 of september 2013, during XVII Brazilian Congress of Nutrology


Minutes of the Meeting

The meeting started at 6 p.m. and finished at 7:30 p. m.

The members that were present:

Dra. Rita Raman
Dr. Durval Ribas Filho
Dr. Paulo Giorelli
Dra. Socorro Giorelli
Dra. Rosario Alonso
Dra. Vivian Suen
Dra. Mabel Carrera
Dr. César Casavola
Dra. Ana Maria Ferreira Heyn

The new Directive Comission 2013-2015
President: Dr. Paulo Giorelli
President elect: Dra. Ana María Ferreira
Secretary: Dra. Vivían Suen

The group had a web meeting with Dr. Courtney leaded by Dra Rita Raman.

Several points were discussed for consideration for the ASN-ICAN collaborative alliance:

Short term goals:

-ICAN Clinical Update for South America during the ASN Scientific Sessions at Experimental Biology in April 2014;

-Online access to ASN journals and/or affiliate membership for ICAN member;

-Online access would be by direct link from ICAN membership site(s);

-ICAN affiliate members for ASN would receive membership certificate;

-Reduced registration fees for ICAN members (same fee as ASN members);

-Sponsored translated journal content for distribution to physicians and ABRAN members in Brazil ;

-Possible combined content opportunities, such as “The Best of Clinical Nutrition 2014”.

Long term goals

-Educational exchange or fellowship opportunities in the USA for ICAN members

-Representation in the ASN global advisory group

A motion proposed by Dr. Durval, seconded by Dr Suen, discussed and unanimously approved to change the name of the organization to “The International College of  Advancement of Nutrology”


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